Kids Kung Fu Classes

All the benefits of Martial Arts

  • Focus
  • Self-Discipline
  • Fitness
  • Self-Respect

Proven Child Safety Knowledge

  • The "911" Principle
  • Stranger Danger Awareness
  • Dealing with a Bully

Values Have Value

  • Honor your parents
  • Academic excellence
  • Be honest always
  • Serve in your community
  • Treat others with respect

Private Lessons (4 years old)

For more information on our Private Lessons, click here or you can contact us directly.

Little Tigers (ages 5 to 7 years old)

You'll wonder if your child is more focused than you are after you see what kids can accomplish through practicing Kung Fu.  With our Kids Kung Fu Classes, your Little Tigers will have a blast while learning self-control and focus that will carry over into every area of their life. "Stranger Danger" and "Bully Management" concepts are also taught in practical ways that kids can understand and use.

What animal are you?

When your child enters our school, their excitement may overflow or they may feel a bit shy about trying something new. But when we ask them "What animal are you? A tiger? A dragon? A crane? A snake?", kids realize we let them be themselves and work with what they feel their strengths are. Because your child can blend their creativity with the authentic skills they are learning, the ART comes to life for the STUDENT and the joyful journey of Kung Fu begins!

The Martial Arts and "young" seemingly go hand-in-hand because of the vitality a young body brings to the training floor. We encourage our young students to train diligently and develop their physical stamina, coordination and discipline. More importantly, we encourage and support the values that you, the parent, teach in your home: Education, responsibility, community and character.

We do Birthday Parties!

Celebrate your child's special day at our school!

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