Sigung JT Runes

Si Gung Runes -Shaolin Grand Master JT Runes, a native of Hawaii, was born on May 27, 1930, in Waimea on the garden island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Sigung Runes began Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu) training with Grand Master Ah Hong at age 6 in the rice fields in Waimea Valley.  Sigung Runes was also trained by Chinese Grand Masters Tai Sun, Ah Kuo, and Catalino Loresco, a Filipino Grand Master in Escrima (stick fighting).  Shi Gung Runes is an active practitioner in the Martial Arts with over 70 years of experience and has trained at the Shaolin Temple in China under Shi De Cheng, a 31st Generation Shaolin Monk.

A United States Military veteran, Sigung Runes holds a degree in aeronautical engineering from Northrop Institute of Technology and also has degrees in Sociology and Psychology.

Sigung Runes has conducted seminars, demonstrated and taught his art of Kung Fu and T'ai Chi Ch'uan for various organizations throughout the United States, including the Organization of Chinese Americans, Chinese Club of Colorado, the City of Aurora, Arapahoe Community College, Presbyterian-Saint Luke Hospital Wellness Program, the Veterans Administration and various Senior Citizens Centers.

Internationally, Grand Master Runes has taught in Germany, Norway and Wales.