Sigung Eric Ling

Shi Gung Ling

Sigung Ling, a native of Singapore, has been involved in traditional Chinese Martial Arts for over 40 years, beginning at age 7 when his father and uncles started him in their family style Fuzhou White Crane.   Sigung Ling has since trained with some of the leading Masters in Fukien Shaolin Lohan, Whooping Crane, Fuzhou Ancestral Crane and Southern Grand Ancestor Boxing.

After many years of intensive studies with these teachers, Sigung Ling came to the United States to promote these unique and authentic Chinese Martial Arts. With periodic return visits to the U.S., Sigung Ling brings new discoveries from his travels through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia - places that are still home to many unadulterated traditional fighting arts.

Sigung Ling is known to Martial Artists around the world, and now you can read more about his work to preserve the legacy of traditional Chinese Martial Arts at