Shi Fu Wayne Hinton


Shi Fu Wayne (Buddy) Hinton, a Colorado native, began his Martial Arts training in April of 1982. He received a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do under the training of Master Daniel J. Klenda. Master Klenda is a Senior Student of the late Grand Master Ralph Krauss, who started the Colorado Karate Assoication and began the first "all styles welcome" Martial Arts tournaments in Colorado.

In 1984, Wayne begain training under Shi Gung (Grand Master) Jacinto T. Runes. Wayne holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Runes' family style of Kung Fu and Tai Chi called Lun Gar Pai.Shi Fu Hinton is the Senior Student of Grand Master Runes and is currently the only Shi Fu still carrying on the Lun Gar Pai system.

Wayne also trained under Shi Gung Eric Ling of Singapore. Under the strict and watchful eyes of Shi Gung Ling, Wayne has become a Senior Student in the nearly extinct Kung Fu styles of Fuzhou White Crane, Shaolin Lohan and Grand Ancestor Boxing. Shi Fu Hinton is one of three Senior Students teaching these styles of Chinese Martial Arts in the United States under Shi Gung Ling's authority. The Parker School of Chinese Martial Arts is the only school in the U.S. teaching all three of these rare styles of Kung Fu.