Guest Instructors

Bill Smith

Guest Instructor, Tai Chi


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Guru Keith Moffet

Guest Instructor, Kun Tao Silat

Mr. Moffett has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, has been teaching Kun Tao Silat for over 15, and is the only senior instructor under Shi Gung Willem deThouars to have opened a school teaching exclusively Kun Tao Silat as the primary self-defense art. Mr. Moffett trains State and Federal agencies, but even more noteworthy he holds the title of Lineage Holder for Kun Lun Pai Kun Tao Silat - an internationally famous martial art.

Randel Davis

Guest Instructor, Wing Chun


Randel Davis trained under Sifu Herbert Maier from the Wang Kiu lineage of Wing Chun. Wang Kiu was one of Yip Man's first 5 core students, who later moved to Holland.   Randel has worked with body guards and bouncers as well as teens and women's self-defense groups.   Randel has dabbled in White-Eyebrow, Southern Mantis, Systema and Bagua, but his heart lies with Wing Chun.

Chad Osterlund

Guest Instructor, White Crane

Chad Osterlund is a native of Colorado and began his Martial Arts training in Summer 1996 under Jacinto T. Runes a Korean War Veteran and native of Hawaii. Chad trained under Grand Master Runes style of Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan called Lun Gar Pai Kung Fu.

In 2001 Chad began training under Grand Master Eric Ling of Singapore learning traditional Chinese Martial Arts Fuzhou White Crane, Shaolin Lohan and Grand Ancestor Boxing.

From 2001 to 2007 Chad also began training under Sifu Bart and Sifu Phil Switzer in the efficient fighting system known as Wing Chun Kung Fu (lineage direct from Grandmaster Yip Man, via Sifu Duncan Leung and Sifu Jerry Gardner).

Chad's goal is to help preserve and pass on the ancient and nearly extinct Kung Fu styles of Fuzhou White Crane, Shaolin Lohan and Grand Ancestor Boxing. Other than Kung Fu training Chad has obtained his Ph.D in Behavioral Neuroscience from CU Boulder under the departments of Psychology and Neuroscience.  He currently lives in North Carolina.