Do I have to spar?
Students are not required to spar at any time. Self-defense techniques and drills are practiced regularly in class at a level that is comfortable for the student.
How is Kung Fu different from other Martial Arts?
Our slogan, "Many Trees, One Forest", helps answer this question. The Martial Arts comprise a forest, and within that forest are many trees. Kung Fu represents many of those trees. The difference doesn't necessarily come from the style itself, but in the quality of the teaching and the training. We are confident you will find our "trees" to be some of the tallest, strongest, and healthiest in the forest.
Is your school really authentic?
Yes. What we teach is like home-cooked food - fresh picked ingredients used in recipes handed down from generation to generation! See our lineage page for more about the history of our Kung Fu.
Do I have to sign a contract?
We do not require contracts. We believe the quality of our offering is enough to bring you back class after class!
How long does it take to reach Black Sash (Belt)?
In traditional Kung Fu, sashes are used for torso support and a reminder to breathe properly. We recognize the value of measuring progress, so we do use a ranking system using colored sashes. How quickly you progress depends on your level of effort and dedication.
What are the benefits of Kung Fu and Tai Chi?
The benefits are many and vary from person to person, but students who train regularly report feeling more energetic, confident and focused. One day you may realize that you know much more about yourself than you realized. You may have a confidence to relate to people in a whole new way. Maybe you will have the confidence to stop and help a stranded motorist, maybe you have self-control in a frustrating situation that comes without effort. Maybe you will find you are sleeping better and when you wake up you move through a Tai Chi form with an effortless freedom that puts a smile on your face the rest of the day.
Physically, regular training encourages health and longevity. Daily choices tend to become healthier, stress levels are lower, energy levels are higher and flexibility is improved. Often, chronic discomforts disapper as the body becomes more relaxed, stronger and more flexible.
Students are never forced into an exercise that is more than they are ready for, but are encouraged and supported to work toward the personal goals they have set forth.